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Drug Addiction 

The major cities of India are in the grip of the drug menace. This devastating vice finishes off the addicts by debilitating them physically and psychologically. A seminar on Drug Abuse held recently in Madras has painted a horrible picture of this malady. The most disturbing fact is that the university campuses, college premises and school grounds nourish this evil more and more.

Drug addiction implies physical dependence upon a drug including the development of tolerance and withdrawal. An addict who develops tolerance requires more of the drug to transport him to the world of fantasies. If the addict is not allowed to take the drug he suffers from painful and uncontrollable convulsions, vomiting, depression and various other maladies.

Many drugs give the user a kick eradicating frustrations and adversities that life throws in his way. What they forget or do not understand is that the problems drowned in drugs come back with a vengeance to torment them once the effect wears off. The addicts’ endeavour, is escapist and it is doomed to catastrophic failure even before it begins.

Drugs used by the addicts, particularly in India may be categorised into narcotics, hallucinogens, stimulants and sedatives. Marijuana, opium, heroin, barbiturates and amphatamines are all habit-forming drugs. Marijuana is the Indian hemp, its tetrahydro-cannabinol content is the real drug content and its largest concertration is in the flowering top of the plant. The resin collected from the tops of potent cannabis sativa is called hashish. It is considered to be five times stronger than marijuana. Side-effects of this drug are greater and more injurious. These drugs which are inhaled in smoke-rolled into cigarettes. But both marijuana and hashish can be added to food and drink. As soon as its smoke is inhaled eyes become red, heart beat increases and usually the smoker coughs. Hunger and drowsiness normally follow inhalations of smoke. The smoker gets distortions of visions and hearing. He loses all the sense of time though the smoker thinks that his thoughts have become clear and better. Hallucinations and delusions may also happen. Unfounded suspicion of anything accompanied by anxiety,  uncontrolled laughter or weeping and irrational mental fixations also are noticed. Hallucinogens are drugs that provoke changes in sensation, thought process, self-awareness and emotion. Aberrations in the perceptions of time and space happen, illusion, delusion or hallucination may vary in intensity in accordance with the dosage inhaled. Marijuana smokers stand the danger of ceasing to become “high” on smoke and may have to take recourse to heavier drugs. And the results produced by the same amount of drug may vary in the same person depending upon circumstances.

LSD (Lysergic Acid) is the most powerful hallucinogen. Its intake dilates pupils of the eyes, flushes the face, raises body heat and heart beat. Blood pressure shoots up and the person feels chilly. Convulsions occur but rarely. As the effect of the drug wears off the symptoms disappear. Vision is most markedly affected, perception of the objects is distorted. The subject experiences transferred emotions; he may consider music just a picture. It can also fill the person with horror. Thus, extreme euphoria or insufferable terror is the result. Consequences are unpredictable-the extreme being homicide or suicide. The most detrimental effects of LSD is flashback. Such flashbacks can cause extreme anxiety.

Amphetamines called stimulants are supposed to increase alertness, increase vigour and reduce hunger. Medically it is used to reduce depression. Stimulants known as `appers’ or `pep pills’ are taken in capsules or tablets. They are also taken through inhalations or through injections. Some inject massive doses intravenously from one to a dozen times a day. This type of user is called a speed freak. In ordinary quantities it provides a temporary sense of alertness and well being. Hunger is reduced and the performance of an exhausted person improves. But intravenous intake in large quantities gives an ecstasy high for some time. Once it wears off, reinjection is needed. This goes on till the person breaks down physically followed by collapse and death. Social, familial and moral values erode.

Sedatives induce sleep and are capable of reducing tension taken in small doses. The largest group of sedatives is from barbiturates. Taken without medical supervision people may take over-doses and then become habituated. These drugs are called gold balls, sleepers and downers. Tranquilisers calm, relax and diminish anxiety. They may cause drowsiness also. A strong desire to take drugs develops. If a person takes a few barbiturate pills after drinking he may succumb to death. Barbiturates taken with narcotics, alcohol or tranquilisers can also prove fatal.

Narcotics relieve pain; opium and its active components such as morphine and heroin belong to this group. Morphine is bitter in taste. Opium has 10 percent morphine content. Dialetyl morphine hydrochloride is prepared by the action of an antibride on morphine. When mixed with sugar and other ingredients, this is called brown sugar. It is taken orally or by injecting intravenously. It is smoked in the Chinese way also. It accounts for about 90 percent of the drug intake. It has no medicine value.

People in all kinds of pain take heroin for relief. Pure heroin if injected can kill within minutes. Unclean implements used for injections may lead to viral hepatitis, skin abscess, inflammation of veins and congestion of the lungs. The addict may become prone to Tuberculosis.

Drug addiction reduces sober time available to a person. The personality of the addict is destroyed and his emotions become intense and distorted. Fertility is reduced and children born may have serious illness and withdrawal symptoms. The Indian government is making an all-out effort to check this diabolic trafficking of the drug.


Essay No. 2


Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is the worst social evil of modern civilization. It is spreading like cancer. The misguided and frustrated adults are the prey of this habit. Mostly of rich families, these people are becoming habitual of using drugs such as herion, smack, opium, charas, cocaine, ganja and brown sugar. Drug addiction is a part of western culture. It is thought is a thing of fashion and modernization. The worst aspect of this social evil is – if you start taking drug in fun or fashion, it becomes so habitual that it cannot be left easily. It is an invitation to death. This evil is reaching and spreading in Asian and African countries. Drug addiction is self- destruction. This may take sometimes as we see in case of cancer, but it is a sure stepping towards death.

Drugs have been used for medical purposes since ages. Never before this modern period. There was no misuse of drugs. Man is greedy by nature. To earn more in short period some anti social adulterated drugs cause deaths those who are busy in anti- human activity for their selfish motives, should be punished. There should be no encouragement from government department to anti- social elements. The public should also co- operation to make anti- social elements suffer.

Drug abuse is fast becoming very common among students. thousands of school and  college going youngmen have become drug- addicts. This evil is more  rampant in big cities. Villagers and the town people are still free form this abuse. Urban life is slowly becoming a mechanical life. it has become highly competitive and risky. Tension and cut-throat competition put an unbearable pressure on youngmen and women. Life becomes tiring and burdensome. Students tend to become escapists. As an escape from the drudgery of life, they take to drugs. In the beginning they turn to drugs just for fun and thrill. Then they get addicted to this abuse. They are compelled to even steal to buy drugs. They become physically and mentally wrecks. They invite their own doom.

Drug abuse has become a great social and cultural problem. It has been polluting the minds and morals of our youngmen. The menace of drugs can’t   be tackled by the authorities alone. There should be a comprehensive and all- out – war to root out this evil from the students. rehabilitation centers should be opened to treat the addicts. However, the root of this evil lies in the disorder an degeneration of our social and family life. peaceful and purposeful social and family life will fill our youth with hope and faith in themselves. They will not be tempted or lured by the vicious addiction of drugs.

The abuse of drugs has now become an international problem. Recent studies show that 88% of heroin addicts in India are in the age group of 14-25 years. In fact at present drug abuse has become a craze among school and college students. drug habit is considered a fashion or a symbol of modernity at the beginning. But after some time it becomes a habit, making body weak and a prey of different diseases. Children having no sweet life, lack of healthy education , heavy burden of books; sex and violence seen through T.V. and cinema programmes; loss of moral values, uncertainty of future life prepare a youth to be a prey of this had habit. Drug affects a person physically, mentally, and spiritually leading to a wreck life. he lives only for these deadly drugs.

Drugs addiction must be fought on war footing. Concerning departments and public should be alert to remove this social  evil. A great publicity should be made regarding this social evil. A large number of banners, posters and placards should be displayed. Evils of drug should be highlighted through the media- radio, television and press. The parents should be more careful about their wards specially in tender young age. The drug addicts should be kept under special care and treatment. Doubtful anti- social worker should be checked with regular attention and should be punished seriously if found guilty.


Essay No. 03


Drugs and Teenagers

The start of college is a new and different experience for all teenagers. They are keen to learn about their new surroundings and make new friends. At the same time, many teens consider drinking, smoking and drugs as cool. In a survey recently conducted on the abuse of alcohol, nicotine, and other harmful drugs, researchers studied that the maximum number of teenagers involved in smoking, drinking and drugs are in the age group of fourteen to twenty. In today’s society, the pressure to drink, smoke or use drugs to fit in has been seen in youth. On the basis of such surveys, it was found that these teenagers drink one to two times per week because they enjoy it. They feel that it is also a chance to have fun and hang out with their friends. However, teens say they do it out of boredom also.

Often, teens are anxious to find an alternative way to have fun and to escape from movies and television. For this reason, they jump at the chance together in a large group to socialize. They are willing to pay their pocket money for a cup of beer, i even if they know that drinking under age is illegal. Drinking alcohol comes with many responsibilities. These teens ‘responsible drinking’ as ‘having control of your action. In other words, teens drink as long as they know what  they are doing. However, drinking teenagers are often found in situations where they act irresponsible. Teenagers are often caught driving while under the influence of alcohol. When teens get into the car, they do not think about the consequences. There is always that one thought in the back of everyone’s mind in this type of situation. They say, nothing bad is going to happen. Sadly, when something does happen, most of the time the drunk driver is never the one to be injured. It is always the innocent passengers or the victims on the road.

Smoking is another issue within the college community. Many teenagers who smoke have been doing so quite some time and started smoking at an early age. Even though most people do not agree with teens smoking, a good percentage of adults smoke cigarettes. Therefore, the influence to smoke is constantly around teens and young children. On the other hand, some teens also like to smoke socially. This usually occurs at parties or just when they feel like hanging around outside of their dorms. Drug usage is the third huge area of abuse among students in college. The majority of these teens have tried the most common gateway drug, marijuana. Many of these teenagers said they have also tried mushrooms, ecstasy, and speed. Peer pressure has nothing to do with their reasons for drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. They believe college is the time to live. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and using drugs are not going to stop them from having the times of their lives. Only awareness can stop them.



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Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol Essay examples

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