Essay How To Get Driver License In Malaysia

Getting a driver’s license in Malaysia has become disgustingly easy over the past couple of decades. Because as long as you have money, it’s all good.

Now however, it seems like these dodgy businesses have become more blatant about their illegal and unethical doings.

A Malaysian company which offers illegal driver’s licenses recently ADVERTISED their services on Facebook!

The page wrote in their post,

“No license? Too busy? No time to get your license? Always fail the tests? Can’t be bothered to go for the tests? A housewife?”

“If yes, then you’re at the right page. We can get you a driver’s license without taking any tests!”

They even went as far to guarantee the ease of getting these licenses.

  • 100% original from JPJ
  • No need to sit through tests
  • You can choose whichever license you want
  • Can be renewed
  • There will be a record in the JPJ system

Aside from the questionable assurance (100% from JPJ like whut?), they even gave promotional prices. For each types of driver’s license, there was a special offer.

B2 – RM700
B (full) – RM1,000
D (M) – RM1,400
D (A) – RM1,500
GDL – RM1,000
E (f) – RM500
B2D – RM1,700

Of course, this has garnered the attention of many Malaysians who were interested in this very illegal deal. Some wanted to procure their licenses through this unethical deal.

Meanwhile, a rational group of people condemned the page and their crooked business.

One particular netizen was so upset about this due to the recent case of the girl who drove against traffic having a questionable driver’s license due to her learning disability.

“Cindy who is OKU and cannot learn properly could easily get a license because of stupid people who do this kind of business.

“Because of ‘easy’ ways to get a license, more and more road accidents are taking place. More people are dying in accidents! This is wrong so don’t do this! Better report the page!”

Indeed, we at WORLD OF BUZZ highly discourage all our readers from entertaining such dishonest ways of obtaining a license. I mean, our nation’s accident death rate is already disgustingly high!

Also read: Malaysia #2 in SEA for Road Accident Deaths

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You’ve reached the legal age of 17 years old to start driving in Malaysia and you can’t wait to get behind the wheel. Or, you’re an expat or international student and need to get a local driving licence for convenience to get around town.

This article will help you understand how to get a driving licence in Malaysia and the various fees and payment structure you will need to consider before signing up with a driving school.

The Different Types of Driving Licences in Malaysia

There are five different types of driving licences in Malaysia including:

  1. Learner’s Driving Licence (LDL) also known as the ‘L’ plate drivers

This is the very first licence you will receive once you register with a driving school to obtain the license to drive. LDL holders are only permitted to drive a car which has the ‘L’ plate displayed and the driver must be accompanied by a driving school instructor. You can renew the LDL every 3 or 6 months up to a maximum of 2 years. Once it has expired, LDL holders will need to restart the entire driving lesson process in order to obtain a renewed LDL. It’s, therefore, best to ensure you complete your lessons before the 2 years are up. This usually comes at a fee of RM30 for a 3-month duration.

  1. Probationary Driving Licence (PDL) also known as the ‘P’ plate drivers

Once you have passed all the driving lessons and examinations and have been certified as a qualified driver by the driving school, you will be issued with a PDL. As a new driver, you will be subject to the 10-point KEJARA demerit point system where points will be deducted according to the various types of traffic offences. If you accumulate 10 points within the 2 years of a ‘P’ plate driver, your licence will be revoked.

As a new driver, you are required to display the ‘P’ plate at the front and the back of your vehicle.

  1. Competent Driving Licence (CDL)

This is the full-fledged driving licence that you can obtain after the 2-year Probationary licence period is over. As a CDL driver, you will be subject to the 15-point KEJARA system before your licence is suspended or revoked. You will need to ensure you renew your driving licence every 1, 2, 3, or 5 years. The fee for renewal is RM30 per year, GST applies and there is a service fee of RM2. The cost to renew your licence is:

  • 1 year = RM30
  • 2 years = RM60
  • 3 years = RM90
  • 4 years = RM120
  • 5 years = RM150
  1. Vocational Driving Licence (VDL)/Commercial Driving Licence

Though this article will mainly focus on obtaining a driving licence for a car, it’s worth nothing that you can also obtain a special driving licence for commercial purposes including buses and trucks.

  1. International Driving Permit (IDP)

This is a licence that allows Malaysian drivers to drive outside of their country. Especially useful when you’re heading abroad and plan on renting a car.

The Different Classes of Driving Licences in Malaysia

Now that we’ve covered the 5 common types of driving licences in Malaysia, you should know that there are different classes which specify which type of vehicle you are allowed to ride or drive.

The classes are segregated into motorcycles, cars, trucks, and tractors. Here’s the list:

  • A – Vehicles for the disabled person
  • B – Motorcycles (all displacement)
  • B1 – Motorcycles not exceeding 500 cc
  • B2 – Motorcycles not exceeding 250 cc
  • C – Motorized tricycles
  • D – Cars with unloaded weight not exceeding 3500 kg
  • E – Trucks (all classes)
  • E1 – Trucks with unloaded weight not exceeding 7500 kg
  • E2 – Trucks with unloaded weight not exceeding 5000 kg
  • F – Tractors / Light motorized machines (wheeled) with unloaded weight not exceeding 5000 kg
  • G – Tractors / Light motorized machines (chained) with unloaded weight not exceeding 5000 kg
  • H – Tractors / Heavy motorized machines (wheeled) with unloaded weight exceeding 5000 kg
  • I – Tractors / Heavy motorized machines (chained) with unloaded weight exceeding 5000 kg

For the purpose of this article, I will be referring to Class D – Cards with unloaded weight not exceeding 3500 kg which is the licence type for those wanting to drive a car.

Obtaining Your Driving Licence in Malaysia

Step 1: Register with a driving school

The first licence you will need to obtain is the Learner’s Driving Licence (LDL). To get this process started, you will need to register with a recognised driving institution or school near you. There are over 120 driving schools in Malaysia and a quick Google search, or a browse through this list will help you identify the school for you. Registration fees vary from school to school.

Step 2: Complete the theory/computer examination

Once you have registered with a driving school, you will receive a handbook with 500 questions about driving on the roads in Malaysia. This will also be accompanied by the requirement to attend a five-hour course, where an instructor will go through the basics of driving in Malaysia. This can be completed in a single day and is mostly conducted in Malay, but if you prefer them to explain certain terms in English, they should be able to. You will then be required to study the handbook and register yourself to take the computer test. It covers 50 questions from the handbook and you will need a score of 84% or higher to pass and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Get your LDL and complete 10 hours of on-road lessons (practical)

Get your LDL from the driving school you have registered with, or you can apply through the online service at MYEG.

Eligibility to apply for LDL through MYEG:

  • Aged over 17 years for classes D DA
  • Pass Computer Test Part 1 and the test results have been updated (still in force for a period of one (1) year)
  • LDL may be issued and renewed for a period of 3 or 6 months up to a maximum period of 2 years from the date of license issued

Required documents:

  • MyKad / passport original or a copy of MyKad / Passport applicants if the transaction is carried out by representatives
  • 1 color photograph (white background) measuring 25mm x 32mm
  • Visa is still in force (Foreigners)
  • Payment of RM30.00 fee for 3 months (RM60.00 for 6 months) for the grade D or above.

Once you have obtained your LDL, a driving instructor will be required to coach you on the road. If you are applying for the D licence (Manual), you will learn how to drive a manual car and how to change gears with the clutch. Previously, this was the only type of licence you could apply for when driving a car. Now, driving schools also offer the licence type DA (Automatic) which allows you to drive in an automatic vehicle.

You will need to fulfil 22 hours of lessons in the car type you have chosen – Manual or Automatic.

Step 4: Complete and pass the road test

Once the driving instructor is confident that you are capable of completing the road test, they will schedule your test. Your driving test will include a 3-point turn, reverse parking, parallel parking, and drive on the open road.

Some schools offer a free re-sit of your practical test until you pass so be sure to review this in your payment structure. It’s handy if you feel you might need this option.

Step 5: Drive on your Probationary licence for 2 years

Congratulations! Once you have passed the practical exam, you are on your way to full-fledged driving licence. All you need to do is ensure you do not have your licence revoked by demerit points for a total of 2 years. You will also need to display the P plate on your car. Once the 2-year Probationary period is over, you will be upgraded to a Competent Driving Licence (CDL).

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