Washington Seattle Mission President Assignments

Published: Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009

Seven mission presidents and their wives have been called by the First Presidency to begin their service about July 1. Their mission assignments will be announced later.

Christopher Charles, 58, and Rashida Mohammad Charles, two children, East Grinstead Ward, Crawley England Stake. Brother Charles is a counselor in the ward Young Men presidency and on the stake audit committee and is a former bishop, counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, stake clerk, high priest group leader, elders quorum president and stake missionary. Retired financial consultant. Born in London, England, to Haralambos and Eleni Stylianou Christodoulou. Sister Charles is a counselor in the stake Primary presidency and is a former seminary teacher, stake Young Women president, stake Primary president and stake missionary. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, to Jan and Davida Smith Ross Mohammad.

Claude Remy Gamiette, 40, and Delphine Claudine Ginette Chamoulaud Gamiette, five children, Lamentin Ward, Basse-Terre Guadeloupe Stake. Brother Gamiette is a counselor in the West Indies Mission presidency and is a former district president, branch president and counselor, branch mission leader and missionary in the Florida Jacksonville Mission. Coordinator, Church Educational System. Born in Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe, to Sebastien Agnes Michel and Georges Arlette Nichse Montierre Gamiette. Sister Gamiette is a branch Young Women president and institute instructor and is a former branch Relief Society and Primary president, counselor in a branch Young Women presidency, ward Sunday School teacher and missionary in the Washington Seattle Mission. Born in Angouleme, France, to Patrice Raymond and Claudine Patricia Ginette Cheminade Chamoulaud.

Clark Bryant Hinckley, 61, and Kathleen Hansen Hinckley, six children, Yale Ward, Salt Lake Bonne-ville Stake. Brother Hinckley is a stake president and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, bishop and counselor and missionary in the North Argentine and France Paris Missions. Senior vice president, Zions Bancorporation. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Gordon Bitner and Marjorie Pay Hinckley. Sister Hinckley is a volunteer in the temple and is a former counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency, ward Young Women president, counselor and adviser and ward Relief Society teacher. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Evan Owen and Darlene Maye Housley Hansen.

Miguel Alfredo Lee, 53, and Angelica Enedina Rufino Gomez Lee, three children, Piantini Ward, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Independencia Stake. Brother Lee is an Area Seventy and is a former stake president and counselor, bishop, counselor in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Mission presidency, stake mission president and elders quorum president. Temple engineer for the Church. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Alfredo Antonio Lee and Luz Maria Bruno de Lee. Sister Lee is a temple ordinance worker and is a former visiting teaching supervisor, counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency, counselor in a ward Young Women presidency, gospel essentials teacher and ward Relief Society teacher. Born in Moca, Dominican Republic, to Angel Generoso Rufino Collado and Ana Dolores Gomez Nu?z Rufino.

Cleto Pinheiro De Oliveira, 54, and Ana M?cia Peixoto Agra de Melo De Oliveira, three children, Torre? Ward, Recife Brazil Stake. Brother Oliveira is a bishop and is a former Area Seventy, stake president and counselor, bishop, and branch president. Temple recorder for the Church. Born in Caruaru, Brazil, to Celso Lins de Oliveira and Olindina Pinheiro Costa De Oliveira. Sister Oliveira is a ward Sunday School teacher and is a former counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency, area public affairs director and marriage and family class instructor. Born in Recife, Brazil, to Jose Agra de Melo and Maria Josa Alves Peixoto de Melo.

Neil Edward Pitts, 57, and Beverly Ann Warrick Pitts, four children, Canandaigua Ward, Palmyra New York Stake. Brother Pitts is an Area Seventy and is a former stake president, high councilor, bishop, regional public affairs director and ward Young Men president. Retired as worldwide IT manager, Digital Division, Eastman Kodak Company. Born in Seneca Falls, New York, to Allen Burl and Lillian Wright Pitts. Sister Pitts is a ward Primary achievement day leader and medical facilities director for the Hill Cumorah Pageant and is a former ward Primary president, counselor in ward Relief Society, Primary and Young Women presidencies and Primary nursery leader. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, to Duane and Harriet Kemp Warrick.

Steven Homer Satterfield, 60, and Anita Herd Satterfield, five children, Highland 9th Ward, Pocatello Idaho Highland Stake. Brother Satterfield is a high priest group leader and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, bishop, elders quorum president and missionary in the California South Mission. Broker/president, Satterfield Realty & Development. Born in Pocatello, Idaho, to Homer Stuart and Marguerite Jones Satterfield. Sister Satterfield is a former presenter at Education Week at Brigham Young University-Idaho, ward Young Women president, counselor in a stake Young Women presidency, ward Young Women adviser, gospel doctrine teacher and institute instructor. Born in Logan, Utah, to William Knowles and Iva Lou Smith Herd.

Rashida M. and Christopher Charles

Claude R. and Delphine C. Gamiette

Clark B. and Kathleen H. Hinckley

Miguel Alfredo and Angelica R. Lee

Ana Marcia and Cleto P. Oliveira

Neil E. and Beverly A. Pitts

Anita H. and Steven H. Satterfield

Church Announces New Mission Presidents for 2018

The First Presidency has called 111 new mission presidents, effective July 2018. They will serve three years.

The names of the new mission presidents and their companions are listed by area below. Biographies of each mission presidency couple will be published throughout 2018 on news.lds.org.

Mormon Newsroom reports today that in an effort to better fit the needs of each region of the world, the Church will adjust the number of its missions from 421 to 407, realigning the boundaries for 19 missions, as well as creating five new missions, on July 1, 2018. (See related story.)

MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Republic of Congo KinshasaFrancois and Mireille Mukubu
Madagascar AntananarivoCory L. and Elva M. Duckworth
Zimbabwe BulawayoJimmy Carter and Lindiwe Amanda Okot
Zimbabwe HarareTasara and Shamiso Makasi
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Cote d'Ivoire YamoussoukroKirk D. and Jacqueline D. Sherman
Ghana KumasiStephen C. and W. Rosely Webster
Nigeria CalabarEmmanuel A. and Adiza Nelson
Nigeria IbadanPatrick and Elizabeth Appianti-Sarpong
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Cambodia Phnom PenhJohn W. and LaCinda Lewis
China Hong KongDennis L. and May Phillips
India New DelhiBradley R. and Danna L. Hansen
SingaporeGreg P. and Sheila Mackay
Taiwan TaichungBradley W. and Cynthia J. Card
Taiwan TaipeiMichael L. and Shelley P. Peterson
Thailand BangkokTodd Melvin and Noelle Green Hammond
Vietnam HanoiRoss A. and Carrie A. Chiles
Asia North Area
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Japan FukuokaSpencer F. and Jane Neubert Mack
Japan NagoyaRonald M. and Teresa Judd
Japan TokyoJ. Kimo and Kaye D. Esplin
Korea SeoulBradford G. and Ann W. Taylor
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion 
Brazil BelémMauro and Rosa Almeida
Brazil Belo HorizonteTo be announced
Brazil CampinasJohn T. and Keri J. Marsh
Brazil CuiabáFrancisco D. N. and Evelina Granja
Brazil Porto Alegre NorthDee Lon and Bonnie C. Jones
Brazil Porto Alegre SouthFernando and Miriam Souza
Brazil Rio de Janeiro SouthHeltmar M. and Mariluce G. Gunça
Brazil Salvador SouthMichael C. and Marla P. Biddulph
Brazil São Paulo EastStephen D. and Lynne Miller
Brazil TeresinaAdonai R. and Simone Cavalcanti Lago
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion  
Barbados BridgetownAlan L. and Elizabeth H. Fisher
Dominican Republic SantiagoMichael B. and Amelia D. Cowan
Haiti Port-au-PrinceHarold and Sabine Jules
Jamaica KingstonFred A. and Lina O. Parker
Trinidad Port of SpainKyle K. and Melanie Baird
CENTRAL America Area
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion  
Costa Rica San José EastDenis José and Yadira E. Aguilar
Costa Rica San José WestGerardo E. and Ada Valladares
Honduras ComayagüelaMarvin E. and Diana E. Mejía
Europe AREA
 MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Belgium/NetherlandsJo and Linda Buysse
Denmark CopenhagenMichael and Joan Olsen
England BirminghamDavid J. and Lisa A. Hughes
England LondonDavid W. and Deborah L. Checketts
France LyonChristophe G. and Isabelle S. Giraud-Carrier
Germany BerlinTo be announced
Norway OsloWayne and Patrice Tew
Portugal LisbonBrent D. and Joan W. Fillmore
Scotland/IrelandMark A. and Denise R. Macdonald
Spain BarcelonaCraig D. and Laurel E. Galli
Spain MadridPhilip K. and Cathy H. Bussey
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Ukraine DnepropetrovskRichard L. and Joni Wirthlin
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Idaho PocatelloStephen M. and Heather Southward
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
México CuernavacaAlejandro H. and Elisa Treviño
México GuadalajaraMiguel A. and I. Patricia Reyes
México México City SouthGregorio E. and Alma A. Casillas
México Puebla NorthRaúl and Brenda M. Barrón
México TampicoRussell A. and Kelly Robinson
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Canada CalgaryStephen A. and Cindy Keung
Canada WinnipegCraig K. and Merry G. Hitchcock
Illinois NauvooMark J and Julianne Lusvardi*
Montana BillingsJared L. and Randa L. Larson
Nebraska OmahaJames N. and Deborah Ence
North Dakota BismarckScott L. and Lori B. Howell
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Canada HalifaxRichard A. and Gayle A. Low
Maryland BaltimoreThierry K. and Nathalie Sinda Mutombo
Massachusetts BostonFotios and Virginia Mavromatis
New York New York City
(Renamed from the New York New York North Mission)
Craig and Gayle Teuscher
New York UticaKyle A. and Kelli A. Vest
Washington DC SouthSteven G. and Toni B. Caplin
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Washington SpokaneMichael A. and Julie A. Thompson
Washington YakimaTom K. and Margi C. Jackman
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Georgia AtlantaBret K. and Lisa K. Clayton
North Carolina CharlotteDetlef H. and Jutta H. V. Adler
North Carolina RaleighMatthew S. and Paige B. Holland
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion 
Arkansas BentonvilleJeff and Sara Strong
Nevada RenoTaylor G. and Carol Godoy
New Mexico FarmingtonJeffrey J. and Jolene Ackerman
Texas Houston SouthJeremy and Jenny Guthrie
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion 
California Oakland/San FranciscoPaul M. and Maren J. Durham
California Santa RosaBradley J. and Lynne S. Bentley
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Australia AdelaideDerek A. and Colleen C. Marquis
Australia PerthPaul R. and Andrea K. Bennallack
Papua New Guinea Port MoresbyFinau and Lucy Hafoka
Samoa ApiaFrancis Arthur and Lanett Harmon Ho Ching
Vanuatu Port VilaJ. Benoit and Diane Duquette
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Philippines BacolodElmer and Leanell Sumagpao
Philippines CabanatuanRamon C. and Maria Fe Nobleza
Philippines LaoagMark M. and Cathlene J. Peterson
Philippines UrdanetaJose Antonio and Sariah Mia San Gabriel
South America Northwest Area
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Bolivia La Paz El AltoJuan C. and Patricia Z. Borja
Colombia Bogota NorthFrancisco and Beatriz Valim
Colombia Bogota SouthRudy and Betsy Palhua
Colombia MedellinArmando and Dina Ceballos
Perú Lima CentralMichael B. and Cristin C. Strong
Perú Lima SouthMark A. and Kristin Richey
Perú PiuraJorge and Martha Vega
Perú Trujillo SouthArmando and Jessica Rebaza
Venezuela BarcelonaTo be announced
Venezuela MaracaiboPedro E. and Magdalena I. Hernández
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Argentina Bahía BlancaRobert W. and Katherine Ann Hymas
Argentina Buenos Aires EastDaniel G. and Heidi N. Gifford
Argentina NeuquénJorge R. and Iris S. Cardozo
Argentina Santa FeScott D. and Janice B. Hintze
Chile Santiago EastW. Todd and Carrie Parrott Brotherson
Chile Viña del MarJorge L. and Marina E. Romeu
Paraguay AsunciónKimball R. and Christine E. Hansen
MISSION                                          NEW PRESIDENT and Companion
Utah Layton
(Renamed from the Utah Salt Lake City Mission)
Robert M. and Heather A. Call
Utah OgdenMark A. and Diane T. Hobbins
Utah OremGordon L. and Kristi Elizabeth Treadway
Utah ProvoAndrew M. and Helen O’Riordan
Utah Salt Lake City Temple SquareCraig G. and Julia W. Fisher*
Utah Salt Lake City WestKent A. and Karen McBeth

*Began serving in January


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